simple and convenient tool for the elementary music processing


The most necessary functionality for a simple audio processing (cutting, gluing and convert music, tunes, songs, sounds) is implemented in one online program.

Little about the editing program of songs online

    Bring to your attention a simple and convenient tool for elementary music processing. Guided by their own intuition and attached a set of instructions, any, even the most inexperienced user will be able to figure the friendly interface of online services, and will be able to easily create custom ringtones, unusual cuts and original medley.
    Online editor enables melodies open multiple audio files, record audio from microphone, cut fragments track, trim the song, apply various audio effects, convert music from one format to another and combine songs in order.

Features online tool for processing music

Audio Editor is an online service. No software to download and install on your personal computer is not necessary. All you need to have is: permanent access to the Internet.

Online service is absolutely free. For using this application no single or regular payments do not need to make. Development and maintenance of the service performed by the advertiser.

Availability of online services. Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) supporting technology Adobe Flash Player.

Multifunctionality. Due to the fact that the program has such gadgets as: trimming, gluing, conversion, and sound effects from a microphone can be used along with professional sound processing programs subject to cuts or creating music ringtones for your phone.

Multilingualism. Interface and set its accompanying documentation is translated into many languages. Including English language.

Opportunities audio editor

Open multiple records (songs, melodies, sounds). This feature allows you to work with two tracks simultaneously and with an unlimited number of tracks for a progressive download (opened one file or recorded sound from a microphone, processed, opened the next, etc.)

Audio formats mp3, wav. This property allows you to upload a file into the editor of one of the following formats for further processing (cutting, gluing, cutting, apply effects, convert) to further conservation.

Record from microphone. Allows you to configure features and to record sound from a microphone for later use as a ringtone as a fragment, and self-cutting track.

Trim the song. Allows isolate plot which is the most interesting, and get rid of the remnants.

Cut unwanted parts. Lets get rid of the portion (s) of track that are redundant, unnecessary (silence, noise, etc.)

Glue songs. Consistently connect songs (any number of music tracks), which will create a medley or make composite ringtone.

Convert from one format to another. Uploading a file of one audio format while maintaining choose a different format.

Damping effects, sound growth. Fading in volume at the beginning of the song and the smooth roll-off at the end of the volume can get rid of sudden appearance and disappearance of sound.

Increase and decrease the volume level. Feature allows both locally (at a particular site) and globally (the entire file) to increase or decrease the volume level.

Actions history. When editing and committing what - or erroneous actions can be returned to step forward or backward.

Remove audio. Editor possible without rebooting the removal process results and further editing.

Spectrum visualizer. Renders sound as sinusoidal oscillations. Which allows editing and processing, both at the hearing and the sight.

Ask slicing borders with the mouse and keyboard. Edit data can be both a mouse and use the keyboard.

Inlining in blogs and websites. For owners of music has the ability to integrate resources in its service area.

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