Join songs - of two or more independent audio fragments obtained by gluing one combined track. In this related tunes arranged one after the other.
    Join songs online - conduct a full process of matching sound files using a free online service.

    We all know or have at least heard about programs that can help you cut the song. But not less popular lately are programs and online services allow to connect songs . In the matter of gluing music can help our online application to combine two or more songs into one.

    Online program for combining melodies provides an opportunity to work with two tracks simultaneously and with unlimited tracks sequentially (no restriction on the size of the final composition and the number of bonded tracks).


How to join two songs into one?

   The first variant (progressive download songs)

1. Prepare songs for the association. Using a search engine to find music and download the required songs.

2. Open online program to connect Songs. In the address bar of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari), enter a string:

3. Upload song. Press and in the window that appears, select the file.
3.1. Wait rendering of the sound spectrum. Until full render further work impossible.
3.2. Align border to the beginning and end of the song. Moving the cursor to the right and left.
3.3. Transfer result in lower (resulting) panel. Pressing .
3.4. Listen results. Pressing to make sure that everything is done correctly, the beginning and the end are not displaced.

4. Perform steps 3 - 3.4. with the next song.

5. Listen result.

6. Save the result by pressing .


   Option Two (parallel loading and simultaneous work with two songs)

1. Perform steps 1 and 2 in the previous example.

2. Download the song in the editorial board. Press and in the window that appears, select the file.
2.1. Wait for visualization of the sound spectrum, until the final rendering.
2.2. Align border in the beginning and end of the song. Method of moving the cursor to the right and left.
3. Press and add another editorial panel
4. In the second box, editorial Perform steps (2 - 2.2).
5. Transfer the tracks one by one in the bottom (resulting) panel. Pressing (The first is the beginning, the second - the end)
6. Listen to the result and make sure everything is done correctly, the beginning, a place where the end and not displaced.
7. If necessary, increase or decrease the sound or use the damping / growing sound.
8. Save the result by pressing .


Recommendations to accelerate the process of connecting songs

   To save time and increase the speed gluing music recommend:
1. Linking files up to 5 megabytes
2. Connect to two files


Video as a glue to combine music and songs online

    Problem: Using the online service from two different songs to make one. In this place the tracks sequentially, without cropping, conversion and use of sound effects.


    Problem: As fast as possible and just put two songs in one, without editing and applying effects using two editorial panel of online services.


    Problem: Combine a couple of songs, cut off part of one and the result fragments impose sound damping effect / Rise (fade-in/fade-out). In this case involve two drafting panel.


Program to join mp3 songs online

- Join the songs online
- Join the songs for free
- Join the songs quickly

- Merge songs sequentially
- Merge songs in various formats (mp3, wav)
- Combine songs with sound recorded from the microphone
- Srastit songs cutting off their pre-

- Join music by increasing or decreasing the volume of the final result
- Merge music by increasing or decreasing the volume of specific fragments
- Sew melodies overlay effects rise and decay of the final result
- Combine sounds with effects rise and fall of specific fragments

- Simultaneous work with two tracks (tracks)


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