Convert WAV, MP3 music - to make the process of converting one audio format to another with a change in the internal structure, file size and quality, but without changing the duration and content of the musical composition, song, music or sound.
    Convert MP3, WAV music online - to implement the procedure of changing the audio format of music with a computer, Internet browser, access to the global network and online converter songs.

    Almost any Internet user was forced to convert music formats MP3 and WAV. Typically such a need arises when:
1. WAV file takes a very high resolution. (In this connection it is inconvenient to transfer media to publish pages on the Internet, listen on portable devices ...)
2. Playback device (player, phone, tablet) does not support any format
3. You need to store personal music collection in one audio format
And so on ...

The recoding WAV to MP3 allows to win in file size, but leads to loss of sound quality. Reverse steps: converting MP3 to WAV not lead to improvement of the quality, but will increase the size. This kind of recoding is needed in very rare cases.

Features - transcoder


Transcoder MP3 and WAV format is capable of:

- Make free conversion
- Make fast transcoding
- Make change the file format online

- Recode a WAV file to MP3
- Transform MP3 to WAV

- Recode a few songs in a row
- Convert Files increase / decrease the volume of the entire track or track Track
- Run clamping on any PC and on any operating system
- Combine the process of redoing one format to another with other processes available online service (gluing, cutting, record from the microphone)


From WAV to MP3 and MP3 to WAV from Live

    To convert WAV files to MP3 files or vice versa, perform the following steps:

1. Open the online audio converter for transcoding WAV and MP3 files:
2. Loading a WAV or MP3 file into the program
3. Exhibiting border at the beginning and end of the song
4. Move result in a panel for applying effects
5. Press the button: READY
6. Wait until the conversion process is complete and the conversion
7. Save music in MP3 or WAV format


Video example of how to convert wav to mp3 online

Problem: convert wav to mp3 without modification. In the process of transcoding any sound effects are not applied.


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