Trim song - change the duration and size of the audio file by extracting a fragment of the song sandwiched between two boundaries, removing residues located outside.
    Trim the song online - extract the necessary portion of the song using the online service, and without installing any additional software.

    To date, there are so many programs, applications and online services to trim the song.

They are distinguished from each other by the following characteristics:
1. Principles of implementation and operation
2. Individuality GUI
3. Additional Features

But whatever they were not all that different tools connects one common ultimate goal: to provide the ability to crop a song.

Features trimming songs

    Our cutter is a free online service to trim songs, music, melodies, sounds.
It combines the best features for cutting MP3 music trimming WAV songs, cut long melodies, sounds cut short in order to create high-quality audio tracks.
The presence of additional functions and sound effects gives the program the ability to create original trim ringtones, slicing and potpourri.

Fry cutter capable songs:

- Make cuts free
- Make pruning quickly
- Make cuts online

- Trim audio from a microphone
- Crop mp3
- Trim wav

- Cut a few songs in a row
- Trim song using damping function at the beginning and at the end
- Cut song increase / decrease volume entire track or track Track
- Cut song using sound visualizer
- Cut song with high accuracy by correcting place provisions limiting runners to milliseconds
- Perform pruning on any PC and on any operating system
- Combine the trimming process with other processes available online service (gluing, convert, record from the microphone)


How to cut a song online

    To trim songs, perform the following steps:

1. Open an online service to trim songs:
2. Loading sound program
3. Exhibiting border
4. Listened result
5. Perform position correction borders
6. Move the panel to apply the effects
7. Exhibiting rise / decay of the sound level
8. Increase or decrease the volume of all tracks
* Listen at each stage result
** In case of erroneous actions using kickbacks
9. If you are satisfied, click: OK
10. Wait until the completion of processing and assembly
11. Save or send ringtone to a friend


Video example of how to trim the song online

Task cut song removing the beginning and end of the file, leaving only the middle - the chorus. During the cutting, no additional use of sound effects.


Video example of how to trim the song with the effect of rise and decay of sound

The problem with the use of crop growth song sound in the beginning of the cut fragment and damping (remission, a decrease) in the end.


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