Create Ringtone - existing diversity of tunes, songs, sounds or tracks with the use of his own to do something to set individual ringtones for your mobile phone.
    Make ringtone online - an operation to cutting, gluing and further manufacturing ringtone using a free online service tools.

    Many of us are faced with the fact that to create a quality ringtone to your mobile phone often enough just to cut the song. Terraced cutting is difficult to surprise anyone and thus make draw attention to themselves. Fashion comes combined musical works. Through the processes of cutting, gluing, overlay audio effects into segments: melodies, sounds, songs in a short time and with minimal effort you can achieve stunning results.

Stages of ringtone

    When you create ringtones should be guided by the basic rule: What ringtone individuality and originality so it is more attractive and memorable.

Manufacturing procedure is divided into two stages.

1. Preparatory phase
2. Phase of the ringtone


Preparing to Create a ringtone

    To create a good advise here perform the following steps:

1. Necessary to define what is the ringtone (funny, sad, masculine, feminine, etc.)
2. Select musical composition (melody song, voice treatment, etc.)
3. Pick up the accompanying sounds (phone buzzer, bell, kiss, car horn, etc.)


Making ringtone

    Once training is complete, you can create a ringtone in real time (online).

1. Go to the page of online services:
2. Loading sound editor
3. Listened and cut the unnecessary parts (How to cut a song?)
4. Double transfer of results to the panel and auditioning effects result
5. Opens and loads the selected music file
6. We choose the fragment of melody, exhibiting border auditioning and crop
7. Merge into one track by pressing (How can I join the song?)
8. Allocate land for overlay effect growth and apply sound effects
9. Allocate land for imposing sound damping effect and apply this action
10. Listened result, if necessary, increase or decrease the volume of the entire ringtone (if necessary, you can change the volume of the fragment)
11. Push the button and ready to transfer data to the converter
12. In the converter, choose the format, and save the file


Video example of how to make a ringtone online

Problem make a ringtone of the components, which reads as follows:

   With the rise of sound effect each other followed by two call "old phone". Next comes the part of the song by the end of which, gradually subsides sound.


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